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THE NOUN (Имя существительное)
Exercise 1. State the morphological composition of the following nouns.
Simple nouns: snow, opinion, exclamation, might, warmth, succession, nurse, attention, fortune, population;
Derivative nouns: impossibility, widower, misunderstanding, inactivity, kingdom, anticyclone, immobility, misdeed, wisdom, girlhood, usefulness, friendship;
Compound nouns: sandstone, passer-by, snowball, mother-of-pearl, ex-president, blackbird, policeman, merry-go-round, statesman, brother-in-law, fellow-boarder, smelling-salt
Exercise 2. Point out the nouns and define the class each belongs to.
Proper nouns: 1) Pettinger, Europe, Germany 2) Clennam, Gowan family, the Barnacles 3) - 4) – 5) Communist Party 6) – 7)Father, London 8) – 9) – 10) – 11) – 12) Brumblehurst Station 13)Bowen 14) – 15)De Witt 16) – 17)George 18) – 19) – 20)Winslow 21) – 22) – 23) Sunday, Karg 24) – 25)
Common nouns: 1) heart, world 2) inquiries, ramification 3)face, pain, rage 4)coffee, warmth, body 5)place, brotherhood, man 6)mysteries, storm, rain, tide 7)tea, table 8)time, crowd, people, matter 9)losses, spoon, baby, pair, scissors 10)professor, physics 11)band, clouds, sky, brilliance, evening 12)luggage 13)kitchen, telegram 14)crowd, way, everybody 15)pockets, eyeglasses, case 16)stone, heel 17)meat, pies, meat, tomatoes, fruit, stuff 18)carpet, feet, furniture, wood 19)major, sky 20)courtesy 21)bourgeoisie 22)moon, stems, seat 23) tomorrow 24)audience 25)hair
Exercise 3. Give the plural of the following nouns.
Faces, portfolios, swine, houses, tomatoes, hearths, mothers-in-law, bases, clergymen, oxen, cries, keys, foxes, downfalls, lookers-on, rocks, bushes, enemies, leaves, roofs, geniuses, heroes, bunches, sheep, ships, criteria, youths, journeys, penknives, men-of-war, losses, data, geese, deer, pies, Englishwomen, wolves, mice, formulae, baths, volcanoes, possibilities, forget-me-nots, feet, handkerchiefs, thieves, crises, stepdaughters, births, echoes, finger-tips, courts-martial, joys, mischief-makers, extremities, spies, lies.
Exercise 4. Use the appropriate form of the verb. 3.was 5.was 6.was 7.has 8.were 9.was 10.were 11.were,was,was 12.were 13.were 14. Was 15.contains 16.was 17.were
Exercise 6. Put the noun in the genitive case.
1.other’s woman 2.Mr.Boffin’s breakfast table’s friendship, women’s 4.stone’s throw 5.clerks’ room, director’s nephew 6.heart content 7. Child’s 8.courtesy’s sake, argument’s sake 9.Ruth’s satisfaction James’s property 11.Timothy’s 12.workers’representatives 13.woman hand 14.Milly’s insignificance 15.first day journey 16.congressmen’s families 17.night sleep 18.people’s bread-and-butter, somebody else’s fireside 19.politicians’ wives, Civil servants 20.grocer’s 21.kin’s doings
Exercise 7. Translate into English, using a noun in the genitive case where possible.
1.Давид провел две недели в Ярмуте у мистера Пеготти. - David spent two weeks in at Mr.Peggoty’s in Yarmut.
2.Уезжая в Ярмут, мальчик ничего не знал о предполагаемом браке своей матери.- Leaving to Yarmut, the boy didn’t know anything about his mother’s intended marriage.
3.После путешествия, которое длилось несколько часов, Пеготти с Давидом прибыли в Ярмут.-After journey that had been lasting for several hours Peggoty and David came to Yarmut.
4.Приближаясь к дому мистера Пеготти, Давид увидел детскую фигурку, стоявшую на пороге.-Approaching to Mr.Peggoty’s house, David saw a child figure standing on the threshold.
5.Дядя Хэма и Эмили усыновил их, когда они были детьми. –Hem and Amily’s uncle adopted them when they were children.
6.Пеготти с гордостью говорила о доброте своего брата.-Peggoty was talking with pride about her brother’s kindness.
7.Двухнедельное пребывание в Ярмуте доставило Давиду большое удовольствие.-David got pleasure out of two-weeks’ stay in Yarmut.
8.В присутствии мужа миссис Копперфильд боялась приласкать своего сына.-In husband’s presence Miss Copperfield feared to fondle her son.
9.После минутной нерешительности Давид подошел к миссис Копперфильд и поцеловал ее.-After a minute’s indecision David came to Mrs.Copperfield and gave her a kiss.
10.После смерти жены мистер Мердстон послал Давида в Лондон, где мальчик должен был работать в торговом доме Мердстона и Гринби.-After wife’s death Mr.Merdston sent David to London where the boy must have worked in warehouse.
(Использование артикля)
Exercise1. Change the nouns into the plural. Use some (any) where necessary and make the other necessary changes.
1.Kittens like to play. 2.Violets do not smell so sweet as lilies of the valley. 3.Have you bought any apples for your children? 4.Here are some letters to be posted. 5.He ate some spoonfuls of broth and sandwiches. 6.I must buy some postcards. 7.She didn’t bring me any magazines, she brought me some newspapers.8.She made some steps towards him. 9.In the bedroom some candles were burning. 10.Did she ever lend you any books?
Exercise2. Insert articles where necessary. (Articles with class nouns)
1.Not a word was spoken in a parlour. 2.The room itself was filling up, so was a staircase. 3.I think that man’s life is worth saving, whoever it belongs to. 4.Though the earth was cold and wet, the sky was clear and the sun rose bright and beautiful. 5.He made them provide not one car, but half a dozen. 6.The compass was invented in ancient China. 7.Not a word was spoken, not a sound was made. 8.The sky outside the window was already dark, the secretaries had gone home, all was quiet. 9.Edward remained a week at the cottage. 10.I tell you, he’s as brave as man can reasonably be. 11.After that they would meet, perhaps, two or three times a year. 12.Dinny looked up at the house; and suddenly saw a face in the window of a dining-room. 13.You know I never cared for the drama. 14.”It is not a large house,” I said. “We don’t want a large house.” 15.He looks older than he is, as the dark men often do. 16.Roger looked at him and, without a word, took out his wallet and gave him a ten-shilling note. 17.As a man sows, so shall he reap. 18.This morning the tobacconist was at his door. 19.It was Sunday afternoon, and the sun, which had teen shining now for several hours, was beginning to warm the earth. 20.I have a long story to tell you. Come and sit down on the sofa and let us have a comfortable chat. 21. Arm in arm, they walked toward home. 22.It was a cottage built like a mansion, having a central hall with a wooden gallery running round it, and the rooms no bigger than the closets. 23.And what a beautiful moth there is over there on the wall. 24.She had a key of her own. 25.He was a short, plump man with a very white face and very white hands. It was rumoured in London that he powdered them like woman. 26.The old couldn’t help the young… 27.To him she would always be the loveliest woman in the world. 28.The strongest have their hours of depression. 29.Her aunt, in a straw hat so broad that it covered her to the very edges of her shoulders, was standing below with two gardeners behind her. 30.I am afraid I addressed the wrong person. 31.They must have had very fair notions of the artistic and the beautiful. 32.The rich think they can buy anything. 33. The room has three doors; one on the same side as fireplace, near the corner, leading to the best bedroom. 34.My thousand a year is not merely a matter of dirty banknotes and jaundicedguineas…but, it may be, health to the drooping, strength to the weak, consolation to the sad. 35.Thank you, Stephen: I knew you would give me the right advice. 36.Sometimes visitors rang the wrong bell. 37.My family came from hereabouts some generations back. I just wanted to have a look at the place, and ask you a question or two. 38.Woman will only be “the equal of man when she earns her living in the same way that he does. 39.He arrived half an hour before dinner time, and went up to the schoolroom at the top of a house, to see the children. 40.You will see him steady character yet. I am sure of it. There is something in a very expression of his face that tells me so. 41.Far away in a little street there is a poor house. One of the windows is open and through it I can see a woman seated at the table. She is a seamstress. 42.A man who entered was short and broad. He had black hair, and was wearing grey flannel trousers with a red woolen shirt, open at the neck, whose collar he carried outside the lapels of his dark tweed jacket. 43.Believe me, when a woman really makes up her mind to marry a man nothing on God’s earth can save him. 44.I stopped, still uncertain of myself and whether I was saying the right thing. 45.Then it was night and he was awake, standing in a street looking up at the dark windows of the place where he lived. The front door was locked and there was no one in the house. 46.I believe I can tell the very moment I began to love him. 47. We are told that the heart of man is deceitful above all the things, and desperately wicked. 48.”I must do it,” said Adam; “it’s the right thing”. 49.Mr.Boythorn lived in a pretty house with a lawn in front, a bright flower garden at the side and a kitchen-garden in the rear, enclosed with a wall. The house was a real old house. 50The bartender was a pale little man in a vest and apron, with a pale, hairy arms and a long, nervous nose. 51.Face to face, he was as warm and easy-natured as he had ever been. 52.I had not yet learnt how contradictory is human nature; I did not know how much pose there is in the sincere, how much baseness in the noble, or how much goodness in the reprobate. 53.During country house parties one day is very like another. Men put on the same kind of variegated tie, eat the same breakfast, tap the same barometer, smoke the same pipes and kill the same birds. 54.Almost at the very moment when r, he had returned Aileen had appeared. 55.An old man quitted the house secretly at the same hour as before. 56.We are told that the wicked shall be punished. 57Arm in arm we walked on, sometimes stumbling over the hump of earth or catching our feet in rabbit-holes. 58.Clare was the most vivid member of the family. She had dark fine shingled hair and a pale expressive face, of which the lips were slightly brightened. The eyes were brown, with a straight and eager glance, a brow low and very white. Her expression was old for the girl of twenty, being calm and yet adventurous. 59.When I was a child my mother used to make cakes and send me out with them as presents to neighbours. And the neighbours would give us presents too, and not only at Christmas time. 60.I wrote to the Managing Editor that this was the wrong moment to change their correspondent.