Answers for a test FINAL Gramamr Test (с ответами)

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Answers for a test FINAL Gramamr Test
I Modal verbs
1c 2c 3c 4a 5b 6a 7b 8 a 9 a 10c 11b 12b 13a 14a
were,could; have driven,could have been; had know, would have kept; were,would be; drive, will be
II 1If only I had know about this disaster earlier!
2 I wish you had explained everything. Now it is too late.
3 The grammar test is again! I wish the academic year would finish soon.
4 I wish you had visited your doctor last spring.
5 I wish it weren’t Sunday. It’s boring.

I Passive voice
was built, had been invented, were sold,has been made, be bought, are applied, be used, is kept, are done, be told, be done, is never mistaken, are heard, are made, be destroyed, was caused, are stolen, have been sold, is being made, is believed, are done
II throws, are, look, are ,are, are, prove, are, is, are, uses ,is, strain, go

Infinitive and Gerund
I 1 decide to give up 2 and to sell 3 doing 4 the idea of working 5 retiring 6 wasting 7 digging, 8gossiping 9 live
10 to enjoy 11 buying 12touring 13 buying 14 sailing 15 walking 16 talking

II 1 continues to fascinate 2 capturing 3to be 4 to begin 5to reveal 6 announcement 7visiting 8.not to know
9 remains 10 maintaining
- ,-, the, the, the, -, the, a, a, -, the, an, -, a,-, a,-, the, an, -,a

Adjective and Adverbs
I comfortable ,windy ,expensive, well, hungry ,suitable, true, fully, sleepy, thankful, badly, terribly, probably, bad, immediately
II 1 lately 2 widely 3 mostly 4 slow 5 little 6 wrongly 7quickly 8 highly 9 far 10 futher 11 long 12 late
I Nouns
information, chocolate, advice is, wine, an equivalent quality, chocolate, a better, the amount of, less sugar, content, less than, per cent, ingredients, coffee, strong, a cake, flour, scales, these

Propress Test Summer 2013

1. 1) resulted in
2) a degree in
3)to apply for, of promotion
4)to specialize in
5)to stick to
6) on a daily basis
7) at school, interview for a job
8)to the time
9) vocation for
10)the key to
11) thinking of, procpects of promotion
12) on sick
13) on
14)under preassure
15) from another angle
16) offend against
17) in your dignity
18) suffer from
19) ready for
20) under
21) part of life, about the news, of the day
22)effect on
23) on TV
24) to,to

2. 1 - ,the,a,a
2 the, a, the, - , the
3 -,the
4 a, the, the
5 the,- , -, -, -
6 -, the, -, the
7 -,-
8 a, a
9- , the
10 –
11 a, the, -
12 the, -, the,the,the, -,the, -
13 the ,a , -
14 a,-,-,the

3. 1 It seems she stands all the chances to be promoted. She has a good qualification, experience and she is responsible person you may depend on.
2 Nobody has expected him to get such a highly-paid job.
3 But for his uncle, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, he would have never become the editor of this paper.
4 Can you imagine how your parents want you to get a higher education?
5 I wish you had passed the interview for this work. You could have got it.
6 I wonder what made him give up the institute. He is not a stupid guy.
7 This is surprise that he turned out to be an inventive , enterprising and hard-working person.
8 It’s well known that he was expelled because of playing truant. And he has been looking for a job for 2 month now.
9 TV is a great invention of humanity. You can stay at home for days and be in the know of the latest developments.
10 She could have been a great musician. But she got married and dedicates youself to children upbringing. She says it’s her vacation.

4. 1 successful
2 sadness
3 disastrous
4 darkness
5 difficulties
6 ambitious
8 bravery
9 educational
10 death

5. 1 channels
1 timetable
2 rules
4 home assigment
5 training